Troldtekt® rhomb

The design solution Troldtekt® rhomb is acoustic panels that create a rhombus-shaped pattern with a three-dimensional effect

Create a surface with a scalable three-dimensional pattern by combining rhombus-shaped acoustic panels. The sides of each panel are parallel in pairs, and all sides have a half groove cut, resulting in a groove at the joints. If three panels are combined, they form a hexagon.

If you choose the Troldtekt rhomb hatch variant, each panel has four milled grooves that match the width of groove formed at the joints.

You can combine the rhombuses in repetitive or random patterns, producing the exact design you want.

All the little details matter

The Bavne Ager care home in the Danish town of Gilleleje was built and designed to deliver what matters most to its residents. The care and respect for residents, which is at the heart of the care home’s philosophy, is reflected in a multitude of functional details.

An elegant glass stairwell near the entrance connects the floors. As a decorative element, a wall clad in Troldtekt rhomb acoustic panels extends the height of the stairwell and creates a sense of visual coherence.

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Troldtekt acoustic ceilings in healthcare buildings

More experiences in Viborg

Tinghallen cultural centre in the Danish town of Viborg has undergone a major modernisation and expansion, adding to the quality of event experiences held in the building. 

In the rooms, which house the venue Paletten, Troldtekt rhomb in three shades creates a three-dimensional effect. Rhomb panels have been used on both walls and ceiling in the bar area, resulting in a unique intimate atmosphere. 

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Sensory orangeries

The residential care facility, Solgaven, is specifically for blind and visually impaired residents. The architecture and interiors of the complex are therefore designed to support residents in their daily lives, making sure they feel at home in the building and can easily find their way around.

Troldtekt rhomb panels of different colours create decorative graphic wall elements and ensure effective acoustic regulation for the benefit of the residents.

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Inspiration from Japan

The Sticks’n’Sushi restaurant in Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen, is the chain’s most Japanese eatery to date in terms of the interior design.

The Troldtekt rhomb design solution ensures pleasant acoustics and an inviting atmosphere with its soft materiality and visual pattern.

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Troldtekt Sticks n Sushi

Bungalow extension

Mikkel Thisted, an architect, lives with his family in a traditional 1930s Danish bungalow. The house has recently been enlarged with a 45-square-metre extension designed by Mikkel Thisted himself.

On the ceilings, the family has chosen to install Troldtekt rhomb acoustic panels which help to unite the rooms in the extension, while also ensuring good acoustics.

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Troldtekt acoustic ceilings in private home

Download brochure

Troldtekt® design

In this brochure you will find inspiration, and facts about the Troldtekt design solutions. There are nine alternatives, but countless ways to combine them, so your projects can have a unique expression. See how some of the solutions are used in practice, and read an interview with the architect behind the nine designs.

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Troldtekt, Grevegårdsskolan, Sweden

The classic Troldtekt acoustic panel. For ceiling and wall cladding in all types of building.

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Troldtekt® Plus

Troldtekt acoustic ceilings in residential buildings

Two-layer acoustic panel with a backing layer of sealed mineral wool. A time and space saving acoustic solution.

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Troldtekt® A2

Troldtekt Mehrweckhalle Neustadt

Non-combustible acoustic panel for the use in areas where there are stricter fire safety regulations, such as in means of escape.

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