Light & sound for acoustic ceilings

Specially designed light fixtures for built-in installation in Troldtekt acoustic panels



Troldtekt lighting comprises a series of built-in fixtures specially designed to be built into Troldtekt acoustic ceilings. The solution is architecturally simple and combines aesthetically pure lines with good light distribution.

The acoustic panels come with cut-out holes for lights, making installation easy and saving time at the building site.


Light_sound and deco



Troldtekt speakers are integrated and concealed in the Troldtekt ceiling. There are no visible cabinet speakers or wires, rather architectural purity and clear lines.

The speakers are based on modern technology ensuring topquality sound reproduction. At the same time, the Troldtekt panels provide optimum acoustics in the room, distributing the sound clearly and comprehensibly without any disturbing reverberation.



Light_sound and deco



Troldtekt decoration offers personalised decoration for your ceilings, walls and framed wall panels while also ensuring good room acoustics.

Advanced printing technology allows graphics, logos, art works, photos or other designs to be transferred directly to Troldtekt panels. If a three-dimensional surface is required, graphic designs and logos can be milled into the panels using CNC technology.



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Troldtekt, Krik, natur og kulturhus

The classic Troldtekt acoustic panel. For ceiling and wall cladding in all types of building.

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Troldtekt® Plus

Troldtekt acoustic ceilings are the natural choice when wanting to ensure superior acoustics and a healthy indoor climate in, for example, office buildings

Two-layer acoustic panel with a backing layer of sealed mineral wool. A time and space saving acoustic solution.

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Troldtekt® A2

Troldtekt Mehrweckhalle Neustadt

Non-combustible acoustic panel for the use in areas where there are stricter fire safety regulations, such as in means of escape.

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Troldtekt® design solutions

Light_sound and deco

Troldtekt design solutions combine good acoustics and a healthy indoor climate with expression and character.

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