Climate-friendly housing box

The Climate Box was built in Frederikssund Municipality, near Vinge railway station. Its main purpose is to give people the chance to experience a home made from climate-friendly materials and structures.

This example of a small residential complex, called the Climate Box, also serves as a city office for Frederikssund Municipality. In connection with the development of Vinge near Frederikssund, the Climate Box is a show home for the Egelund project in the new town: a cohousing community initiated by Fabulas. In Vinge, all buildings must be DGNB-certified at minimum, and the town is centred around a green lung. The house is a modular wooden building that is assembled in an indoor workshop so that it can be quickly and efficiently installed on site. For partners and suppliers of the Climate Box project, the building also serves as a showroom where you can get a sense for the individual materials.


Indoor climate in the home

The Climate Box belongs to Fabulas' category of 'small' home sizes. This includes 67 square metres with an entrance, bathroom and bedroom in addition to the larger living room with a kitchen at one end. One of the great features of this space is that it receives light from several directions. There is access to the terrace surrounding the property from both the living room and bedroom. What all suppliers have in common is that they develop products that help reduce carbon emissions in the building industry.

This is also the case with Troldtekt, which is used in the ceiling for regulating acoustics. Troldtekt is Cradle to Cradle certified, can be included in Nordic Swan Ecolabelled buildings and is certified among the best Danish Indoor Climate Labelling categories. In addition to the choice of materials, the building method is also relevant, as the Climate Box is built of wood and constructed around a breathable structure.