acoustic panels

Troldtekt acoustic ceiling and wall panels are made from 100% natural materials; wood and cement. The combination of wood and cement creates Troldtekt's unique sound absorbing properties, ensuring
good acoustics in any room. The material has a natural resilience and can handle moist environments, while also providing effective fire protection. Troldtekt is a natural product with documented sustainability throughout its entire life cycle.

Troldtekt is available in a high number of combinations that vary according to surface structure, edge, installation system, colour, dimension and thickness. Our solutions also give you the opportunity to integrate and conceal for example speakers in the Troldtekt ceiling. Specially designed lighting, decorative elements and a wide range of accessories are also available.


Troldtekt acoustics
Troldtekt Wood Shavings

Natural raw materials

Troldtekt is cement-bonded wood wool panels made using nature's own materials – wood (wood wool) and cement.

The recipe for Troldtekt acoustic panels is as simple as it is viable, and has been followed since 1935.

By mixing wood and cement, we create cement-bonded wood wool, combining the strength of cement with the natural properties of wood. The result is a healthy material with a number of inherent natural benefits.

Structures & colours

The surface structure of Troldtekt acoustic panels is determined by the width of the wood shavings (wood wool). Troldtekt products are available in four different structures; extreme fine (0.5 mm), ultrafine (1 mm), fine (1.5 mm) and coarse (3 mm).

Troldtekt is available as untreated and completely natural panels, and as painted panels. The acoustic panels consist of wood wool mixed with either white or grey cement, from these mixtures we produce the two basis variants: natural wood and natural grey. Painted Troldtekt panels are available in any RAL/NCS colour code.

Troldtekt textures


By choosing the right edgeprofiles, you can achieve the room aesthetics, you are looking for.

On this page, you can see the variety of edgeprofiles, that Troldtekt offers.

Troldtekt edges
Troldtekt Outdoor Storage

Storage & acclimatisation

Troldtekt is a natural material consisting of about 50% wood, and the panels will therefore ‘work’ in order to achieve the same temperature and moisture level as their surroundings. You should therefore not begin installing Troldtekt panels before the building has been completed and the heating has been turned on.


To ensure that you achieve the best possible result, it is important that you store Troldtekt panels correctly and that you follow our installation instructions when installing the Troldtekt ceiling.

Troldtekt installation
Troldtekt CE Labeling

CE-marking & CPR

Troldtekt is CE-marked in accordance with the EN 13168 harmonised European product standard for cement-bonded wood wool and EN 13964 standard for suspended ceilings. A CE-mark indicates that the given construction product can be sold legally and complies with the product standard to which the mark refers.

The manufacturer must document that the requirements in the standard have been met, by: type testing, documented production control and Declaration of Performance (DoP) & CE-mark.

On this page you can read more about the CE-mark, CPR (the European Construction Products Regulation), DoP (Declaration of Performance), and EPD (Environmental Product Declaration).