Troldtekt on roof overhangs

Ever thought about creating continuity between your indoor ceilings and outside roof overhangs? Then choose attractively designed Troldtekt acoustic panels for your roof overhangs. This way, your indoor Troldtekt solution can be replicated on overhangs above patios or other covered areas.


Suitable for outdoor use

The combination of wood and cement means Troldtekt is a robust material, suitable for even the most humid environments – including installation on roof overhangs.

The setting and curing of the cement adds strength to the panels. The natural properties of the wood make the material breathable and permeable.

Troldtekt panels are suitable for screw mounting, and they are also easy to work with and cut to size.


Tested by the Danish Technological Institute

The Danish Technological Institute has documented that Troldtekt acoustic panels can withstand relative humidity levels of up to 98 per cent (+/- 2 per cent), putting Troldtekt in the highest CE label level – class D – for water resistance.

Six good reasons to choose Troldtekt®

Inspiring examples of Troldtekt on roof overhangs