A home full of contrasts

With spectacular views of Roskilde Fjord, the scene is set for this exclusive home, where a sense of space and carefully chosen materials come together to create a stunning result.

Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen, architect m.a.a.

The house is slim and elongated, like the west-facing plot on which it sits, the main features being the views of Roskilde Fjord and the surrounding countryside and being able to take a dip from the back garden. The potential of the home has been beautifully realised with an impressive sense of space throughout that emphasises the qualities of the location.

On stepping through the door, you are led by high windows along the corridor past a number of rooms to the large living room and kitchen. Here, the house really opens up with panoramic windows towards the south and west and a vaulted ceiling. Towards the west is a patio with steps leading down to the garden. The patio is covered by a large projecting roof overhang, its asymmetrical pitch visualising the architecture of the whole house. On the lower floor is the bedroom, also with views and access to another patio.

The luxurious style is emphasised with exquisite bathroom facilities and walk-in closet.

The architecture

The core of the house with bathrooms and wardrobe features oak veneer walls that add warmth to the interior, as does the carefully chosen furniture. The owners also run Koncil – Unikt byggeri, which specialises in building and renovating homes, i.e. from planning to construction management and interior design. Koncil goes to great lengths to choose exactly the right materials, which is evident from the high-quality solid flooring as well as the kitchen and the acoustic ceilings.

All the ceilings are black Troldtekt line, which naturally follows the orientation of the house and continues past the glass facade to the large roof overhang. The dark ceilings contrast strikingly with the views and the natural light flooding in through the large windows. Moreover, the ceilings help create an architecturally coherent feel across the two levels.