Dream house overlooking Limfjorden

In their first home, the Nielsen family discovered the joy of living close to Limfjorden. Now they have built their dream house, Stormly, where everything revolves around views of the inlet.

Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen, Architect m.a.a.

Panoramic windows in the five-metre-high living room overlook the otherwise flat landscape not far from Nibe near Aalborg in northern Jutland, and the stunning views of the water are the first thing you notice on stepping into the house.

Exterior, bricked columns support a generous roof overhang while framing the view.

The architecture is based on the idea of a brick ‘body’ housing the communal living rooms, while a lower section accommodates the bedrooms. In addition, the family has a secondary living space in the form of Palmehaven – or palm garden – where there is also a swimming pool.

Throughout, there is a strong connection between the interior and exterior environments, and the patio on the south-west side of the house is accessed via large sliding doors. Since the prevailing winds in the area are westerly, the family has called the house Stormly – or ‘Storm shelter’.

“We feel incredibly privileged to have had the opportunity to build our dream home,” says the family.

Curves in the ceiling

The roof is like a large shelter, and black-painted Troldtekt line emphasises the slope of the ceiling and leads the eye towards Limfjorden. The elegant ceilings help to ensure better acoustics in the high-ceilinged room while matching the grey brick walls and the cedarwood.

In the ‘palm garden’, which features lounge furniture and a bar in addition to a large pool, the family has chosen the design series Troldtekt curves. Here, the curved shapes in the ceiling lead the eye towards the patio, a decorative detail that enhances the overall look.

The ceiling is painted grey like the other rooms with the same ceiling inclination. Different lighting fixtures and speakers are integrated into the ceiling, and the house is a so-called ‘smart home’, where heating, lighting and temperature are all programmed and digitally controlled.