Visit Troldtekt´s showroom in Stuttgart

Troldtekt acoustic panels as wall cladding in office buildings

Collective presence and presentation in order to convey the conceivable qualities of a space to the outside world through its communicative experience character.

This is the goal of the network for innovative space solutions, which addresses the entire spectrum of the architecture and real estate industry.


Book a visit at the showroom in Stuttgart

Do you work with architecture and would you like to visit the Troldtekt showroom at Sigmaringer Straße 107, 70567 Stuttgart?

To book a visit, please contact or phone +49 (0) 40 8740 8844.

Learn more about the das Netzwerk showroom in Stuttgart (in German)


Learn more about our other showrooms

Showroom Wiesbaden

Are you an architect and would you like to visit the Troldtekt showroom in Wiesbaden?

Showroom Hamburg

The showroom is part of a network where several suppliers of interior products have their offices and showrooms. It is a unique opportunity to experience a variety of interior design products that have been incorporated into the interiors.

Showroom Berlin

Visit Troldtekt showroom in Berlin in an inspiring office environment. Collective presence and performance in order to bring out the superior room quality through the communicative experience.

Showroom Copenhagen

Troldtekt’s showroom in Vestergade, Copenhagen K, displays a wide range of acoustic solutions. For example, experience Troldtekt based on the FUTURECEM™ cement type and the entire range of Troldtekt design solutions.

Showroom Aarhus

In the showroom at our head office in southern Aarhus, architects, other professionals and homeowners alike can experience our elegant acoustic solutions. Here you will find a wide selection of Troldtekt products on the ceilings and walls.

Showroom Byggecentrum Middelfart

Homeowners, tradesmen and other housing enthusiasts can experience our distinctive Troldtekt acoustic solutions at the Byggecentrum building expo in Middelfart.

Showroom Stockholm - Studio B3

Discover more variants among Troldtekt’s range of design solutions at Stockholm’s mega-showroom, Studio B3. Here, Troldtekt has designed a showroom space where visitors can experience great acoustics combined with distinctive design.

Showroom Malmø

Visit the Troldtekt showroom in Malmø, where you can experience a wide range of Troldtekt acoustic solutions.