Troldtekt installed in hospital patient room of the future

Light, air and superior acoustics will help to cure patients of their depression at the New Mental Health Bispebjerg hospital in Copenhagen. The patient rooms will be designed according to healing architecture principles, and Troldtekt acoustic panels have been chosen for the trial room.


Over the next four years, a new, ultra-modern psychiatric hospital will be built at Bispebjerg Bakke in Copenhagen. However, the first mock-up of tomorrow’s patient room has already been built at the top of the multi-storey car park at the existing Bispebjerg Hospital.

The temporary mock-up room is a 1:1 model of the patient rooms for the new hospital wards. Over the summer, it has been used to study how light, air and acoustics can be combined to help provide the best possible treatment of patients suffering from depression. Doctors at the psychiatric department are hoping to be able to reduce the use of anxiolytics and sedatives by creating environments that feel safe and secure, and which help patients to sleep better and maintain a good circadian rhythm.

Good acoustics and light according to circadian rhythm

In the temporary patient room at the New Mental Health Bispebjerg hospital, the lighting is a combination of daylight and dynamic LED lighting that is specially adapted to the circadian rhythm. Good acoustics are ensured by light Troldtekt ceiling panels with a fine structure, while the walls have been clad with acoustic oak slats which provide natural ventilation with more fresh air and less over-heating in the summer months.

The testing of the indoor climate in the model patient room at the top of Bispebjerg Hospital is continuing for now over the winter. The study will result in a recommendation as to how to create a holistic indoor climate solution for tomorrow’s psychiatric centres and hospitals.

Facts about New Bispebjerg Hospital and New Mental Health Bispebjerg

  • Construction of the new hospital is an extensive project that will run until 2025.
  • The psychiatric hospital alone will cover 22,500 square metres, and will include both an emergency admission unit and 200 patient rooms.
  • Construction of the psychiatric hospital will start in September 2019, with planned completion in 2022.

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