Good acoustics at green think tank


Troldtekt has entered into a partnership with the green Swedish think tank Fores - Forum for Reforms, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability - in Stockholm, which builds bridges between politicians, the business community and research into sustainability. In a new film, Fores CEO Mattias Goldmann describes how Troldtekt ceiling and wall panels support the think tank’s philosophy.

In the public debate, at conferences and seminars and in publications, Fores markets itself as a key player within sustainability in Sweden. As part of a new partnership with Troldtekt, the think tank’s head office in Stockholm has been fitted with a number of Troldtekt design solutions on walls and ceilings. 

Troldtekt panels help to ensure good acoustics during the many meetings and events that take place in the building, while also underpinning the narrative which pervades the Fores office. Here, everything from chairs to carpets and ceilings has to signal sustainability, says the think tank’s CEO Mattias Goldmann.

“At Fores, we’re very impressed by Troldtekt, because it uses Norway spruce which grows in Scandinavia and is a biological raw material, because the product is Cradle to Cradle-certified, and because Troldtekt uses 100 per cent wind power in its production,” says Mattias Goldmann in a new film. 

Better conversations – better decisions

Because of all the people working in and visiting the building, the hard stone floors and the large windows, the Fores office badly needed a good acoustics solution. This is where Troldtekt design solutions make a real difference. 

As part of the acoustics solution, Fores has had its logo CNC-milled into several of the Troldtekt acoustic ceiling panels, so that visitors are always reminded of where they are when gazing upwards. 

“However, the most important thing is the high degree of sustainability, and the fact that with better acoustics we now have better conversations and thus make better decisions,” says Mattias Goldmann. 

In line with business strategy

For Troldtekt, it was only natural to seize the chance of a partnership with Fores. Peer Leth, CEO, explains:

“Fores is committed to promoting sustainability and the circular economy, which are both key aspects of our business strategy. The partnership also enables us to showcase our solutions to all the many opinion-makers and experts within sustainability who visit the Fores offices.

Our partnership with the green think tank is just one of several CSR initiatives launched by Troldtekt in Sweden and Germany.”

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