Choose between PEFCTM- and FSC®-certified Troldtekt®


All Troldtekt acoustic panels are now certified according to one of the two leading standards for responsible forestry. All the wood we use is PEFC-certified, and much of it is also FSC-certified. It is therefore possible to choose between the two standards when buying Troldtekt.

More focus on sustainable wood in construction means that certified wood products are in high demand. Therefore, at Troldtekt we have chosen to supplement our FSC® certification (FSC®C115450) with a PEFC certification. This guarantees customers documentation that all the wood in our acoustic panels comes from responsible forestry.

“We’re already only using wood from local forests which is certified in accordance with the PEFC principles. However, as we are seeing a growing demand among our customers for certified products, it is natural for us to meet this desire for certification,” says Peer Leth, CEO at Troldtekt A/S.

“Just as importantly, the decision is in line with our focus on the UN Sustainability Development Goal no. 15 about life on land. We contribute to this goal by using renewable raw materials, among other things certified timber from responsible forestry operations which protect biodiversity,” he adds.

FSC still an option

Troldtekt has previously supplied PEFC-certified products, but decided at the beginning of 2018 to go all in for the other leading certification – FSC.

“However, since then we’ve found that demand has grown, and we’re finding it difficult to source enough wood from FSC-certified forests. We’ve therefore decided to become PEFC-certified again,” says Peer Leth.

All Troldtekt acoustic panels will be certified from April 2020. In practice, 100 per cent of the timber is PEFC-certified, and a large proportion is also FSC-certified, as it comes from ‘double-certified’ forests. However, the finished acoustic panels can only be certified according to one of the two certification schemes, and as a customer you can freely choose either one or the other – PEFC or FSC.

“The requirements and principles differ between the two schemes, and some customers prefer one scheme to the other. We’re delighted that we can now meet all requests, and document the responsible approach which is being taken from growing the wood to the finished product,” says Per Leth.

Increasingly popular

Both PEFC and FSC are leading international certification schemes that prioritise the environment, biodiversity, working conditions and the conservation of forestry areas.

“In recent years, we’ve seen a growing awareness in the construction industry and among developers of the role played by sustainable wood and the contribution it makes to healthier buildings. Therefore, more forest owners and suppliers are choosing to become PEFC-certified,” says Morten Thorøe, Executive Secretary at PEFC Denmark. 

He says that at the beginning of 2020, there were approx. 293,000 hectares of PEFC-certified forests in Denmark, which is about 15 per cent more than three years ago.  In total, about 40 per cent of Danish forests are PEFC-certified.

“We’re delighted that Troldtekt, as a leading supplier of wood products, has embraced the certification. It’s quite unique for a manufacturer to only use certified timber,” says Morten Thorøe.

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