Troldtekt design series nominated for prestigious product award

The entire series of Troldtekt® design solutions has been nominated for the DETAIL Product Award 2020. The award is presented by the German architecture magazine DETAIL and the online platform archipinion. In November, it will be possible to vote for your favourite in five different price categories.


Gestaltung, Innovationscharakter, Funktionalität, Nachhaltigkeit und Integrationsfähigkeit (design aspects, degree of innovation, functionality, sustainability and integration capability). These are the five criteria on which products are judged when DETAIL and archipinion present the 2020 DETAIL Product Award winners. The awards will be preceded by an online poll where architects and others interested in purposeful design can vote for their favourites. The online voting process will run from 1 to 30 November 2020.

Among the nominees for the award is the series of Troldtekt® design solutions, previous winners of an ICONIC Award 2019 and a German Design Award 2020. With the design series, Troldtekt has taken its Cradle to Cradle certified acoustic panels made of wood and cement to a new aesthetic level. The goal is to give architects in particular a freer framework in which to design spaces that unite good acoustics and a healthy indoor climate with distinctive style.

Create unique patterns and rhythms

When you select Troldtekt design solutions for your building, you can create your own unique patterns and rhythms in the design – whether you prefer a Northern European look with light tones and right angles or a more expressive style. You can vary and scale the different design solutions to create a very cohesive sense of harmony on ceilings or walls.

The design solutions are all mass-produced, making use of CNC technology. One of the most popular variants is Troldtekt line. This has longitudinal grooves that run seamlessly across the entire ceiling surface, with no visible joints between the panels. Another example is the rhombus-shaped acoustic panels (Troldtekt rhomb), which are combined to give the surface a three-dimensional effect.

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Selected for a wide range of projects

The DETAIL Product Award 2020 is presented in five categories and Troldtekt is nominated in the category ‘Ausbau und Interior’ (Interior design, lighting and furniture). To be considered, it is required that the solution has been launched on the market within the last two years. The Troldtekt design solutions were launched in 2019 and have since been selected for installation in a wide range of buildings.

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Prior to the open voting process, the editorial team at DETAIL architecture magazine selected the nominees from among all nominated products. DETAIL presents the award in collaboration with archipinion, which is an online knowledge bank for architects.

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