Film: Join us for a walk in the forest – and see how certified wood supports biodiversity

The use of wood as a building material helps to promote the green transformation. And when the wood comes from documented sustainable forests, it also supports biodiversity. Troldtekt® acoustic panels contain only wood certified according to the leading forest standards – FSC® and PEFCTM. See more in a new film from the forest and factory.


At Troldtekt’s factory in the Danish town of Troldhede, there are stacks of timber for as far as the eye can see. When the wood has been debarked and dried for six months, it is included as a raw material in the original Troldtekt acoustic panels.

Troldtekt acoustic panels are produced exclusively with certified Norway spruce wood from Danish forests. Troldtekt is both PEFC and FSC-certified (FSC®C115450), and customers can choose which of the two certifications their acoustic panels have. In this way, Troldtekt helps to meet the growing international demand for sustainable wood while also supporting biodiversity in nature.

Certification makes space for a diverse, vibrant forest

An example of a varied forest that takes flora and fauna into consideration can be found just one hour away from Troldtekt’s factory – in Viborg Heath Plantation, from which Troldtekt sources some of its wood. The forest is home to rows of Norway spruce, protected ponds, untouched forest and areas where the forest floor is teeming with life.

In the film below, Søren Dürr Grue – director of the NGO FSC Denmark – shows visitors around as he talks about the FSC’s global requirements for forest management. The film also takes you on a visit to Troldtekt’s factory where factory manager Orla Jepsen explains how the certified wood can be traced all the way back from delivery of the wood to the finished acoustic panel.