Architects’ know-how session with focus on materials in the circular economy

Register for the online event ‘Material Matters – the circular economy’, which will be live-streamed on 14 December. Renowned architect Thomas Rau (RAU Architects / Turntoo) and Tina Snedker Kristensen, Head of Communications (Troldtekt), will give the presentations.


Make space in your calendar on Monday 14 December from 16:45-18:15 and register for the know-how session on building materials in the circular economy. The session, which is targeted at architects, will be conducted online via Zoom.

The keynote speaker is Thomas Rau, who for many years has been spearheading the campaign for sustainable interaction between people and nature. He is the founder of RAU Architects and Turntoo, which from its base in Amsterdam has developed concepts and business models for the circular economy in construction. Thomas Rau has also authored a book, ‘Material Matters’, and in 2013 he was named Architect of the Year in the Netherlands.

Acoustic panels in a healthy cycle

The other presenter is Tina Kristensen, Head of Communications at Troldtekt. Since 2012, Troldtekt acoustic panels have been certified according to the sustainable design concept Cradle to Cradle, in which circularity is the key element.

As part of the certification, it is fully documented that the acoustic panels are free of any substances that may be harmful to humans and the environment. This means that the panels can be returned to the biological cycle as a nutrient or to the technical cycle as a raw material in cement production.

The session on 14 December is part of the Architects’ Know-How Sessions, which are supported by the German event companies The Art of Business and Architects, not Architecture. The purpose of the sessions is knowledge sharing within the construction industry. The session will be held in English, and after the presentations you can participate in the discussion with your input and questions.

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