New design series among Danish Design Award finalists


The entire series of new Troldtekt® design solutions is among the finalists for Denmark’s national design award this year. The solutions make it possible to combine good acoustics with an array of distinctive designs, and the series has already won two leading design awards in Germany.

An acoustic ceiling with lengthwise surface grooves, elegant wooden strips or unique patterns. Whether you’re after a simple or an expressive look, the series of Troldtekt® design solutions adds a distinctive style to ceilings and walls. The new series includes nine different designs, and now the Danish Design Award jury has selected the series as a finalist for this year’s national design prize.

The award will be presented on 2 June at a ceremony held by the Confederation of Danish Industry. The design series from Troldtekt is competing in the ‘Feel good – Product’ award category, which according to the Danish Design Award is “a design award for solutions that are highly aesthetic or elegant while providing a useful function.”

“The design solutions are a new chapter in our history. In recent years, we’ve continuously developed our original Troldtekt acoustic panels to give architects more freedom to combine acoustics, aesthetics and a healthy indoor climate when designing indoor spaces. I’m proud that our entire product line is in the running for Denmark’s leading design award,” says Peer Leth, CEO at Troldtekt A/S.

Troldtekt launched the new design series in 2019, and it has already won the two leading German design awards, ICONIC Awards 2019 and German Design Award 2020.

Focus on the complete acoustic surface

Like the classic Troldtekt acoustic panels, all Troldtekt design solutions are made of the Danish natural materials wood and cement. The panels derive their unique look from the subsequent processing, using for example CNC machining technology. The series is industrially produced and is therefore available at competitive prices. 

“Each solution is intended to form a complete acoustic surface, whether large or small. “We’ve also made a conscious effort to ensure that each design solution is flexible, which means that the panels can be combined for greater variation in the design. “We have sought to create a synergy of form and function in a very wide range of products,” says Michael Christensen.

He is an in-house architect at Troldtekt and is behind the design of the new series.

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FACTS: About Danish Design Award 2020

The Danish Design Award jury honours design in 14 award categories. An additional category is ‘People’s choice’, where the public selects the winner. The jury consists of 15 members from both Denmark and abroad with extensive knowledge and experience in design and business. The awards are presented in a collaboration between Design denmark and Danish Design Centre.

The products and solutions that are entered are generally assessed on the basis of four criteria:

  • Economic impact – Does the solution generate value for people, companies and society?
  • Contextual fit – Does it reflect an understanding of the users’ needs and life situation?
  • Innovation height – Is it new, value-creating and likely to serve as an inspiration for others?
  • Design quality – Does the execution show craftsmanship and aesthetic qualities?

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