Troldtekt competing for materialPREIS 2020


The design series from Troldtekt A/S is a candidate to win the renowned materialPREIS, which celebrates the best materials. You can vote for your favourite entry now in an online poll.

The nine solutions in Troldtekt’s design series make it possible to combine good acoustics, a healthy indoor climate and aesthetics with character.

Since its launch in 2019, the series has already received the ICONIC AWARD 2019 and German Design Award 2020. Now it also has a chance to take home a 2020 materialPREIS award in the Design category.

The prize is awarded by raumprobe, which runs an online material database and hosts a large exhibition in Stuttgart.

“Our design solutions take our classic acoustic panels to a new level. The basic ingredients are still wood and cement, but we have given architects more freedom to design indoor spaces, while choosing a healthy building material backed by documentation,” says Peer Leth, CEO of Troldtekt A/S.

“I’m proud that raumprobe has encouraged us to join the field of candidates for their acclaimed award,” he adds.

Creates visual coherence on ceilings and walls

When you choose Troldtekt design solutions for your building project, you can create your own patterns and rhythms in the design – and vary and scale the various design solutions to create a strong sense of coherence on ceilings or walls.

The design solutions are all mass-produced, making use of CNC technology. This means they are available at competitive prices. One of the most popular variants is Troldtekt line. This has longitudinal grooves that run seamlessly across the entire ceiling surface, with no visible joints between the panels.

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Vote for your favourite entry now

Together with the expert jury, everyone can help choose the winning solutions for materialPREIS 2020. This is taking place via an online poll, open until 15 October.

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