Troldtekt in panel debate at international Cradle to Cradle congress

During the debate at the Cradle to Cradle congress in Berlin, we will share our experience of switching from product certification to using the international Cradle to Cradle standard as a framework for our strategy.


International rather than national standards can pave the way for the circular economy.

This is the thrust of Head of Marketing and Communications Tina Kristensen’s contribution when she represents Troldtekt on Friday 31 January at the Cradle to Cradle congress in Berlin. Tina Kristensen is on the panel for the ‘Setting C2C standards – closing the loop’ debate.

The panel debate will focus on standardisation as a way of further promoting the circular economy.

Troldtekt acoustic panels are certified according to the international Cradle to Cradle standard. The underlying principle here is that materials must be healthy so they can become part of the biological or technical cycle. At Troldtekt, however, we don’t ‘just’ see Cradle to Cradle certification as a product standard, but as the foundation of our business strategy.

We believe that common standards across national boundaries provide the best foundation for the circular economy. In addition, we want to see material passports which – also in connection with the future refurbishment or disassembly of buildings – list the materials which have been used in construction.

Supporting both host and conference

Other participants in Friday’s panel debate include the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute (C2CPII) and Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN). C2CPII promotes the Cradle to Cradle standard internationally, while DIN is Germany’s national standardisation body.

Every year, the Cradle to Cradle congress brings together more than 1,000 stakeholders who work with the circular economy across national boundaries and industries.

The German Cradle to Cradle NGO is hosting the event in Berlin as part of the organisation’s work to promote the sustainable standard. Troldtekt is supporting this work as a member of the NGO’s partner circle, or Freundeskreis. We are also one of the congress’s sponsors.  

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