Historic building wins ROT Prize 2021


The old coal building Gasverket Hus 8 in Stockholm has undergone extensive renovation, and the result has now been awarded the prestigious ROT Prize. As part of the renovation, the historic premises were fitted with Troldtekt acoustic ceilings.

Tengelinsgaten 3 in Stockholm is the address of the historic Gasverket Hus 8 gasworks, which has just won the Stockholm Builders Association’s ROT Prize 2021. The prize is awarded each year to a renovation project in Stockholm that stands out by embracing the building’s original style, being of superior technical quality and being sustainable in the long term.

Gasverket Hus 8 was originally designed by Ferdinand Boberg and was used for cleaning coal. In other words, the building previously produced environmentally hazardous waste. With that in mind, it had to be cleaned of chemical substances, and then completely renovated. The exterior walls, windows and walkways were treated sympathetically to preserve the heritage value of the building. 

Troldtekt acoustic panels, installed on the sloping ceilings, are among the few new materials used.

An inspiring transformation
Strategisk Arkitektur designed the renovation project with CA Fastigheter AB as the client and Mobil Bygg AB as the contractor. Today, Berghs School of Communication operates study programmes and courses from the Gasverket site.

– Gasworks treatment facility receives ROT Prize for the inspiring transformation of the building from an empty shell to a distinctive beauty with a bright future. The project is a superb example of how capitalising on existing assets can lead to high-quality, long-term and sustainable solutions. The building has been reused in its entirety; few materials were removed, and few new ones added. The project has risen above the opposition engendered by its history of pollution, were the panel’s reasons for awarding the prize to Gasverket Hus 8.

The other projects nominated for the ROT Prize 2021 were Kvarter Jakob Mindre, Kv. Eken 7, Medborgarhuset, VRAK – Museum of Wrecks, and the Förskolan Panncentralen nursery school.

Need for comfortable soundscape
Close to 700 square metres of Troldtekt acoustic panels guarantee superior acoustics for the premises. With high ceilings, acoustic regulation is important for people studying, which requires a comfortable soundscape. In addition, the rectangular acoustic panels in natural wood are a perfect match for Gasverket’s industrial design and distinctive lines. Gasverket is decorated with furniture, which is specially designed for Berghs by Campus architects.

Watch a film about the award-winning renovation project here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8qsm4vet8aQ

Facts: The ROT Prize

  • The ROT Prize is awarded to renovation projects that make the most of the building’s features, maintain high technical standards and are financially, environmentally and socially sustainable for the long term.
  • The ROT Prize was established by the Stockholm Builders Association in 1990 and is awarded annually to promote renovation in Stockholm. 
  • Prizewinners over the years include National Museum 2019, Eastman Institute 2017, Beckomberga 2012 and Stockholm City Hall 2010. The ROT Prize was presented to Gasverket Hus 8 on 24 September 2021.