Magasin 211 wins Malmö architectural award


The century-old building Magasin 211 has been carefully renovated and given a new lease of life, and the project has now won Stadsbyggnadspriset 2021, the Municipality of Malmö’s highest architectural prize. Troldtekt acoustic ceilings are an integral part of the new design.

The winner of Stadsbyggnadspriset 2021 in Malmö is the historic building Magasin 211, which has been converted into office premises. Varvsstaden AB is behind the project together with the architects Wingårdhs, and since spring 2020, the architects have had their Malmö office located in the newly renovated offices.

The jury awarded Stadsbyggnadspriset 2021 to Magasin 211 for the following reasons:
“Thanks to a tried-and-tested approach to conservation and reuse, Magasin 211 has once again been repurposed. A unique and sensual experience has been created based on the character of the building and a circular approach to materials, fixtures and colours. A contemporary warehouse has been carefully added to a century of changes, so that the history of the building can continue to be read (...) Magasin 211 is a project that touches, inspires and sets a high bar for the upcoming development of Varvsstaden.

Building conservation
Designed by the architect Axel Stenberg, the building was originally built in 1917, since when it has been used as a fire station, a textile factory and workshops. In connection with transforming it into offices, the focus has been on preserving the main lines of the original architectural style, and using recycled materials in order to minimise its carbon footprint.

During the renovation work, natural materials were used to soften the building’s industrial style, which is dominated by concrete, steel and brick. Among other things, the walls are clad with pine veneer, and Troldtekt acoustic panels in natural wood have been installed on the ceilings. One of the reasons for choosing the acoustic panels was because they go well with the preserved details, such as the original industrial lamps and windows. At the same time, Troldtekt panels absorb much of the noise in an office environment which can otherwise be exacerbated by hard surfaces, in this case, for example, the sanded concrete floor. 

Magasin 211 is located in the flourishing district of Varvsstaden in Malmö. The maritime history of the area, which goes back more than 100 years, exists alongside a modern urban environment, and several new development projects are expected to be realised in the coming years.