Instagram personality: Chose Troldtekt for new family home

Matilde Trobeck, who shares home and lifestyle content with approx. 88,000 Instagram followers, has visited Troldtekt’s showroom in Copenhagen. Together with her husband, she chose Troldtekt v-line for their newbuild in northern Zealand – and you can follow the building project online.

Troldtekt Matilde Trobeck

Building a new house involves making a lot of decisions. From drawings and materials to deciding on the position of light sockets and door handles – and everything in between. In the coming months, you can find inspiration for your housing project by following Matilde Trobeck on Instagram. She and her husband are building their new home in northern Zealand, and will be regularly posting photos and sharing their experiences.

The architectural plans have been finalised, and planning permission has been granted. Among other things, the family can look forward to having a large, open-plan kitchen-living room with a 4 to 5-metre-high vaulted ceiling. This calls for an effective acoustic solution to also match the exclusive design of the house.

Therefore, the couple recently visited the Troldtekt showroom in Copenhagen to choose just the right design solution for their new home.


Loved Troldtekt’s acoustic qualities

Matilde Trobeck and her husband fell in love with Troldtekt’s acoustic solutions after visiting a newbuild with Troldtekt ceilings earlier in the year.

“It was incredible being able to sense the difference in acoustics when going from a home with acoustic panels to one without. Therefore, we soon agreed that we wanted Troldtekt for our new home,” says Matilde Trobeck.

The choice fell on Troldtekt’s newest design solution, Troldtekt v-line 1way with six milled v-shaped grooves painted in black. The design solution creates a uniform ceiling which, in addition to good acoustics, adds a distinctive look to the interior.

Troldtekt v-line is available with either ten or six grooves. The variant with six grooves stands out beautifully and clearly in larger rooms with higher ceilings because of the extra distance between the grooves.

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Building work has started

Matilde Trobeck and her family have just been granted planning permission, and expect the house to be ready in summer 2023. Along the way, they are sharing their experiences on the Instagram profile @matildeogkristianshus, where followers can find inspiration and hear about the couple’s thoughts behind their chosen designs and materials.

Facts: About Matilde Trobeck

Matilde is a Danish entrepreneur known from Instagram. She has about 88,000 followers at @matildetrobeck. Recently, Matilde created the profile @matildeogkristianshus, which is dedicated to the building of their new home. In November 2022, it had just over 16,000 followers.