More honours for acoustic panels with lower carbon footprint

Troldtekt based on the cement type FUTURECEM™ was honoured with a Silver award at Architects’ Darling 2022, which is organised by the German architecture portal Heinze. The new acoustic panels have a reduced carbon footprint that is between 26.4 and 37.7 per cent lower than the footprints of Troldtekt acoustic panels based on traditional cement.


At the Architects’ Darling event at the end of 2022, a number of companies from the construction industry received prestigious awards. The new Troldtekt acoustic panels based on the cement type FUTURECEM won Silver in the ‘Beste Produkt-Innovation Roh-/Ausbau’ category. The category winner was Griffwerk, a manufacturer of door handles. 

The leading German architecture portal Heinze is behind the awards, which were presented at an awards show in Celle, north-east of Hannover. A jury panel of renowned architects selected the winners.

New type of cement – even more advantages

Troldtekt acoustic panels are made of wood and cement, with the latter being responsible for their strength, durability and fireproofing properties. The new cement type FUTURECEM has an approx. 30 per cent lower carbon footprint compared to traditional cement, without detracting from any of Troldtekt’s well-known advantages. 

The life cycle analysis on which Troldtekt’s environmental product declarations (EPDs) are based documents the carbon footprints of the acoustic panels. The analysis shows that Troldtekt acoustic panels based on FUTURECEM have, over their entire life cycle, a carbon footprint which is:

  • 26.4 per cent lower than for Troldtekt based on grey cement
  • 37.7 per cent lower than for Troldtekt based on white cement

Strategic approach to sustainability

At the beginning of 2022, Troldtekt launched the new acoustic panels, which have since received a number of German awards: a German Sustainability Award, a Green Product Award, a German Innovation Award and a materialPREIS.

Troldtekt based on FUTURECEM has been certified at Gold level in accordance with the recognised Cradle to Cradle design concept. At Troldtekt’s factory in Denmark, the acoustic panels are manufactured using 97.8 per cent renewable energy.

In 2021, Troldtekt received an Architects’ Darling Gold award in the Cradle to Cradle Challenge category precisely for its Cradle to Cradle business strategy.