Troldtekt acoustic panels are now available in a new clay colour

Troldtekt’s new colour, Clay, gives our acoustic panels the distinctive warm tone we associate with this natural material. It's particularly suitable for painting acoustic panels based on FUTURECEM™ cement, achieving a uniform colour with a warm glow.


Calcined clay helps give the new FUTURECEM type of cement a lower carbon footprint than traditional cement. Clay also gives the cement a warmer colour tone, which is clearly evident in the unpainted Troldtekt panels based on FUTURECEM. However, the colour can vary considerably in individual panels and across the entire ceiling surface.

Troldtekt is now launching a completely new colour – we call it Clay 210 – suitable for painting Troldtekt panels based on FUTURECEM.

"Since we launched the new Troldtekt panels based on FUTURECEM, demand from developers and architects has steadily increased. The organic expression, with its slightly warmer glow, fits well into the design of many buildings," says Michael Christensen, in-house architect at Troldtekt A/S.

"With our raw materials, wood and cement, it's become possible to introduce varying tones in unpainted Troldtekt panels. Painting them with Clay ensures an expression that preserves the characteristic colour from the calcined clay and ensures not only the individual panels, but also the entire surface, have a uniform look," he adds.

Flexible design solutions

The traditional Troldtekt acoustic panels and Troldtekt design solutions based on FUTURECEM are both available. This also makes it possible to have all the different types of panels painted in Clay.

Troldtekt has kick-started the process of obtaining Cradle to Cradle certification for Troldtekt acoustic panels in clay – and we expect certification to be completed soon. All Troldtekt acoustic panels in natural and standard colours are already Cradle to Cradle certified at Gold level.

Troldtekt based on FUTURECEM has a carbon footprint for the complete product lifecycle 26 and 38 per cent respectively lower than those of Troldtekt acoustic panels based on grey and white cement.  

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