A glimpse from a vibrant design festival in Copenhagen

The Danish capital was buzzing with life during 3daysofdesign on 12-14 June 2024. A large number of Danish and international architects took part in Troldtekt’s events during the design festival. Even more people made their way to Refshaleøen and Slotsholmen, where Troldtekt acoustic panels were included in exhibitions. 


“Dare to dream” was the theme for this year’s 3daysofdesign in Copenhagen - and it was a dream of a design festival.

Guests from all over the world flocked to the three eventful days in the Danish capital. There were activities on streets and lanes, museums and cultural centres – and in the showrooms of design companies.

At Troldtekt, we participated in both our own events and as part of two exhibitions in an atmospheric setting. More international architects visited us than ever before and were inspired to design distinctive spaces with good acoustics.

Here you can get a glimpse of what the various events were like.

TRANSCENDENCE on Refshaleøen

In one of the stark industrial halls on Refshaleøen, all three days focused on materials and their endless possibilities. Here, visitors could gain a new understanding of the things we create and consume in society – and the impact they have on the environment.

Troldtekt participated with acoustic panels based on the low-carbon cement type FUTURECEM™. The Troldtekt panels in eye-catching colours were stacked like life-size 'card houses’.

Design hub in the Lapidarium of Kings

For the second year of a row, Troldtekt was part of the design hub in the lapidarium on Slotsholmen, where the permanent exhibition includes over 350 royal sculptures from the 16th to 18th centuries.

In addition to various modules with Troldtekt design solutions, we included Norway spruce podiums in the exhibition, so visitors could experience one of the main raw materials in Troldtekt acoustic panels.

As a festive element, this year there was a DJ battle for architects on Wednesday evening in the lapidarium. At this event Troldtekt’s Manager of Circular Solutions, Darma Louise Duus, took second place among a group of DJs, which included both TV personalities and the former city architect of Copenhagen Camilla Van Deurs, who won the battle.

International architects on guided inspirational tours

This year, architects from Sweden, Norway, Germany and Denmark were invited to Troldtekt’s guided inspirational tours during 3daysofdesign. The first tour was on Wednesday-Thursday for Swedish and Norwegian architects. The second was on Thursday-Friday for German architects. Danish architects took part in a third tour on Thursday-Friday.

We had put together a programme for the tours where guests experienced both Troldtekt’s showroom and the two exhibitions in the Lapidarium of Kings and on Refshaleøen.

Participants also visited Fredericia Furniture’s showroom – an atmospheric space with black-painted acoustic ceilings, elegant furniture and views of Copenhagen’s rooftops.

The inspirational tours involced meals in cosy restaurants with Troldtekt solutions as part of their interior design. The programme included lunch at MARK Bistro & Bar on Axeltorv and dinner at Restaurant Tårnet, which is part of the Danish parliament building, Christiansborg.

Record number of architects in the showroom

Troldtekt’s showroom in central Vestergade was open to visitors every day of the festival. And there was bustling activity from before opening hours until after closing time. On the first day of the festival alone, over 100 architects visited the showroom, the vast majority of whom came from countries other than Denmark.

The many good conversations and new relationships helped to create a memorable 3daysofdesign for Troldtekt. We dared to dream big in advance – and to that extent our dreams came true.