Apprentices nominated Troldtekt for education award in Western Jutland (Denmark)

There was a lot of excitement when three companies competed for the title of Traineeship of the Year in the Metal Industry in Ringkøbing-Skjern Municipality. Troldtekt was among the finalists, thanks to suggestions from both of our apprentice smiths.


When the Industrial Technology Centre (ITC) in Lem St. held a general meeting in Smedenes Hus, there was more on the agenda than just operations and budgets. The title of “Apprenticeship of the Year in the Metal Industry in Ringkøbing-Skjern Municipality” was also awarded, and Troldtekt A/S was one of the three nominees for the prestigious title. The nomination came from inside the company, where the two apprentice smiths in Troldhede have both nominated the company for the local price. The award ceremony took place on 26 February.

— It’s a big shoulder clap to all the colleagues out there, who emphasise that they do a good job and that we are a nice place to be – also for young, new colleagues in training," says Hans Jakobsen, Maintenance Manager in Production, and continues:

— The praise and recognition goes particularly to all the colleagues who make Troldtekt a good place to work and learn a craftmanship on a daily basis.

For the apprentices themselves, there was no doubt that Troldtekt deserves a nomination:

— There are many good reasons to nominate Troldtekt. There are good working conditions, many challenging tasks, good colleagues and we are respected as equals. We are very happy to be here and proud of our apprenticeship, so we also think that Troldtekt deserves the recognition," say Stefan Susnea and Ben William Seymour, who are both apprentice smiths in Troldhede.

Even though the actual price eventually went to one of the other predict if the reputation is already out about Troldtekt being a good place for apprenticeships, but according to Hans Jakobsen, Troldtekt is in a good position when it comes to hiring the upcoming apprentices:

— We are experiencing great interest from potential future apprentices, and a nomination like this does not make things worse. Quite the opposite.

In addition to Troldtekt, JST and Baettr also took part in the competition. The latter won the title.