See Troldtekt in use during Stockholm Design Week

Stockholm Design Week offers events throughout the Swedish capital from 5 to 11 February 2024. Experience Troldtekt at Jordens Arkitekter’s exhibition about the future of construction, at events in the Studio B3 showroom – and for Scandinavian knowledge sharing at the Danish Embassy.


Stockholm will be full of events, exhibitions, open showrooms and other experiences for design enthusiasts throughout week 6. Stockholm Design Week opens on Monday 5 February and offers a range of events of all sizes until Sunday 11 February.

The purpose of Stockholm Design Week is to promote Scandinavian design internationally. This year, it will be held at Stockholm Furniture Fair, Scandinavia’s largest event for furniture and lighting design as well as architecture. But many other players also invite visitors to exciting events with a focus on design.



You can meet and see Troldtekt in use at several different events during Stockholm Design Week:


Architect exhibition: Experience Troldtekt acoustic solutions at the Stockholm Furniture Fair

Jordens Arkitekter will be participating in the Stockholm Furniture Fair with its exhibition 'Farming Architects', addressing the housing concepts of the future – in everything from large residential buildings to senior housing and log cabins.

This architectural firm has selected Troldtekt acoustic panels based on the CO2 -reduced cement type FUTURECEM™ as one of the products to be featured in the exhibition.

"We are very pleased that Troldtekt was present at the fair. We love the material and even build all our display screens with Troldtekt acoustic panels to showcase our projects. Troldtekt’s sustainability philosophy is in line with Jordens Arkitekter’s objectives, and Troldtekt fits in perfectly as the building material of the future," says Jacob Wallér, founder of Jordens Arkitekter.

Troldtekt, Skovbakkeskolen
Photo: Thomas Mølvig (architect) & Adam Mørk

Seminar: 'How to build for all the senses?':

The Embassy of Denmark in Stockholm invites you to a seminar on learning environments from different perspectives. The aim here is to share knowledge across Denmark and Sweden with interesting presentations, debate and a roundtable session.

This morning’s keynote speaker is R&D Architect Klaudio Muca from CEBRA architecture. With the WISE research project, CEBRA has investigated how architecture can promote lifelong learning in schools and at the workplace. The project incorporates ideas from leading thinkers in education and entrepreneurshop - and builds on research in areas such as cognitive psychology. 

Jonas Kjellander from Sweco Architects and Tina Snedker Kristensen, Head of Communications and Sustainability at Troldtekt, will also be presenting – followed by a panel debate. The two presentations are based on the influence of materials on the indoor climate, including light, acoustics and air quiality.

It all takes place on Tuesday 6 February from 9 am to 12 noon. The event is almost fully booked, but as long as there are seats available, you can sign up.

Sign up here

Showroom event: 'Music & Mingle' and 'After Fair Evening'

Studio B3, Stockholm’s largest showroom with furniture, lighting and other interiors, offers two informal networking events. Troldtekt is part of the showroom, and at the two events you can meet us for a chat about acoustics and design.

The two events in Studio B3 on Barnhusgatan 3 will take place on Tuesday 6 February between 6 and 10 p.m and Thursday 8 February between 5 and 9 pm The events are open to everyone.

Sound-absorbing cement-bonded wood wool panels from Troldtekt are often used as acoustic ceilings in commercial properties

Transformation can win prestigious award

During Stockholm Design Week, several prestigious awards will be presented for buildings, products and professionals under the collective name Scandinavian Design Awards 2024. The nominees come from all over Scandinavia.

Three buildings compete for the title of Architecture of the Year 2024, and in one of them – Gjuteriet (the foundry) – Troldtekt acoustic panels are included as part of the design. Architects Kjellander Sjöberg from Malmö, Sweden, are behind the transformation of the old industrial building into modern offices. 

Troldtekt acoustic panels have been installed in the part of the building where the company Oatly is based. See more photos here.


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