Troldtekt Stockholm showroom reopens with new acoustic solutions

Following a major renovation of the Studio B3 showroom, architects, designers and other construction professionals can once again experience distinctive Troldtekt acoustic solutions in the heart of Stockholm. Here, 35 suppliers of furniture, lighting and materials showcase their products.


There were high levels of activity in the showroom at Barnhusgatan 3 in Stockholm as drilling, screwing and assembly work was carried out. Now, everyone working professionally in design can once again experience good acoustics and distinctive interior solutions at Studio B3. Troldtekt's zone in the 1,000 sqm showroom has also reopened with completely new solutions.

The showroom now offers a wider range of distinctive Troldtekt design solutions. Discover the white-painted Troldtekt line, Troldtekt tilt line in clay, Troldtekt curves in fine natural wood and the elegant Trodltekt rhombuses in different special colours.

Several solutions are based on the low-carbon cement-type FUTURECEMâ„¢. Across the entire life cycle of the acoustic panels, Troldtekt based on FUTURECEM has a carbon footprint that is respectively 26 and 38 per cent lower than Troldtekt based on traditional grey and white cement.

Attend the grand opening

In addition to the installed solutions, Studio B3 also provides the opportunity to take a closer look at other variants, colours and structures -- and find inspiration from the fantastic reference projects that use Troldtekt domestically and internationally.

Studio B3 has already reopened, but the official reopening will be celebrated together with the 60-year anniversary of the showroom with a Grand Opening on Thursday 5 September 2024. Architects, designers and other interested parties are invited to the central address in Stockholm. As well as Troldtekt, attendees can also meet other exhibitors of furniture, lighting and interior solutions.

Please note that the showroom at Studio B3 is not normally staffed by Troldtekt employees.

Read more about Studio B3 and find current opening hours here