Troldtekt steps up production expansion

Last year, Troldtekt A/S experienced growth of 15 per cent, and is also expecting double-digit growth for 2016. Troldtekt has therefore stepped up its extensive investment plans at its factory complex in western Jutland involving a total capacity expansion of almost 40 per cent.


Production is running 24/7 at Troldtekt’s factory in west Jutland town of Troldhede. The demand for acoustics solutions is stronger than ever, and has now prompted the company to bring forward its planned initiatives.
“Altogether, in 2015-2017 we are expanding our production by almost 40 per cent, which entails investments of more than DKK 100 million,” says Per Leth, CEO of Troldtekt A/S. He adds: 
“This summer, we inaugurated a new bevelling facility which cuts the edges off our acoustic panels. Later this year, we are opening a large design hall with a new paint plant so we can respond to the keen interest being shown by architects in our painted acoustic panels. And in 2015, we installed a new drying oven, which has reduced the amount of energy per produced panel by 50 per cent.”

Key short and long-term initiatives
Troldtekt’s accounts for 2015 show growth of 15 per cent relative to the year before – growth which has continued in 2016. 
“This year, we’re again seeing double-digit growth rates. Demand from the Danish market in particular is stronger than anticipated. This is why we have now advanced some of the production investments which had otherwise been planned for 2017,” says Per Leth.
“By optimising production, we kill several birds with one stone. We are reducing our carbon footprint in line with our Cradle to Cradle strategy. We will be able to meet demand in Denmark. And we are creating a solid foundation for our long-term stake on our near export markets,” he says.

New company in Sweden
The export markets are an important driver for Troldtekt’s continued growth, with the company recently establishing a subsidiary in Sweden, Troldtekt AB in Malmö.   
 “Several Danish architects are winning construction projects in Sweden, especially in the Malmö region, and we can see that they are keen to incorporate Danish building traditions. At the same time, Swedish building is well known for its use of wood, which is one of the main raw materials in our products. It therefore makes perfect sense to invest in Sweden,” says Peer Leth, adding:
“Colleagues in the industry have mentioned that Swedish customers place a lot of faith in Danish businesses, but prefer to trade on local terms. We have therefore established a subsidiary. The same model has proved successful in Germany, where we established Troldtekt Deutschland GmbH in 2015.”


  • Troldtekt A/S is a leading developer and manufacturer of acoustic ceiling and wall solutions.
  • Since 1935, wood and cement have been the main natural raw materials in our production, which takes place in Denmark in modern facilities with a low environmental impact.
  • Troldtekt’s business strategy is founded on the Cradle to Cradle design concept, which plays a key role in securing environmental benefits towards 2022.

Peer Leth, CEO, Troldtekt A/S: +45 8747 8130 //
Tina Snedker Kristensen, Head of Marketing and Communications, Troldtekt A/S: +45 8747 8124 //

Troldtekt A/S, air photo, copyright© Hunderup Luftfoto.
Troldtekt's growing exports are supported by an expansion of the Danish production facilities by almost 40%. This also includes a new painting facility situated in the west Jutland town of Troldhede.
Both standard Troldtekt acoustic panels and design solutions are installed in the new production facility, which will also function as a working showroom.
Troldtekt wave installed as wall cladding in the new Troldtekt production facility.
One of our Troldtekt design solutions: Level mounted acoustic panels. The different levels are achieved by installing Troldtekt panels in different thicknesses.
Level mounted Troldtekt in the new design hall.
In our new production facility we show how Troldtekt acoustic panels in various colours can form a both decorative and sound absorbing wall cladding.
Troldtekt rhomb used as cladding at one of the end gables in the new production facility.