Better schools in the wake of corona


The corona pandemic has impacted children’s schooling badly. However, the pandemic may also prove a golden opportunity to modernise schools. Read more in a new online feature from Troldtekt A/S. The feature offers inspiration from schools that meet the needs for a healthy indoor climate and effective learning in 2021.

Children and young people have experienced loneliness during the corona lockdowns and school closures. Online teaching has not been a satisfactory substitute for classroom-based lessons. And many pupils have fallen behind academically. However, the corona pandemic has also revealed a need to modernise schools and gear them for the future.

In Europe, the pandemic has revealed shortcomings in the way that many schools are organised. The Danish firm of architects Pluskontoret Arkitekter has identified better hygiene conditions and spaces for varied teaching – both digital and outdoors – as factors that the school buildings of tomorrow should cater for.

Award-winning school made of wood

The article about the significance of corona for school design is part of an online feature from Troldtekt A/S, which produces acoustic solutions for, among other things, school buildings.

The feature also includes an article about Erlev Skole in southern Denmark, which in August won the School Building of the Year 2021 award in Denmark. The newly built and sustainable school is primarily constructed from wood, and is thus one of Denmark’s largest wooden structures.

“Erlev Skole’s wooden construction saves considerable CO2, as wood is an extremely climate-friendly building material. In addition, wood creates an absolutely fantastic atmosphere, it gives the building a strong sense of identity, and it is warm and welcoming,” says Pernille Svendsen, associate partner at Arkitema, the architects behind Erlev Skole.

“Sustainability is not just about the choice of materials – it’s just as much about creating spaces that can be used in many different ways to cater for changing needs. You can change how the rooms are structured to accommodate new functions, but also invite citizens in and make the most of all that the building has to offer,” she adds.

Inspiration from world-class schools

The new online feature also looks at Lindholmens Tekniska Gymnasium in Gothenburg (Sweden), which was designed by KUB Arkitekter and won the School Building of the Year 2021 award in Sweden.

“The task involved designing a new – and sustainable – school building. It needed to be modern,
flexible and serve as a landmark for the city. And I think we’ve succeeded on all counts,” says PerEric Persson, architect at KUB Arkitekter.

During the initial stages, several possible constructions were investigated, resulting in a hybrid design with concrete floors and exterior walls, and with glulam load-bearing beams. There was a desire to use sustainable materials, but at the same time they had to be robust and also acquire an attractive patina. The ceilings at Lindholmens Tekniska Gymnasium are clad with Troldtekt, in which wood is a key raw material. A Troldtekt solution with milled grooves in the surface of the acoustic panels was chosen for the walls.

“We chose Troldtekt because of the material’s outstanding technical properties in terms of its sound absorption combined with the panels’ strength and durability. As we wanted to use Troldtekt on both the ceilings and walls, it was very important that the material was robust and would patinate beautifully without showing signs of wear. The environmental properties and design of the Troldtekt panels were also important factors,” says PerEric Persson.

In addition to the award-winning schools in Denmark and Sweden, the feature looks at educational buildings in the UK and northern Europe, where developers and consultants have done their homework to choose the best possible solutions. And where Troldtekt acoustic solutions help to ensure that acoustics, design, durability and documented sustainability all come together to produce outstanding results.

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New online feature from Troldtekt A/S offers inspiration from schools that meet the needs for a healthy indoor climate and effective learning in 2021. Photo: Stadtteilschule Lurup in Hamburg, Germany, ©David Matthiesen.