About Troldtekt’s certification

Troldtekt is Cradle to Cradle-certified at Gold level.

The certification covers the entire product range of Troldtekt cement-bonded wood wool in natural and standard colours. The certification also covers the Troldtekt design solutions range, the fire-resistant Troldtekt A2, Troldtekt agro and Troldtekt based on FUTURECEM.

The entire range of Troldtekt’s cement-bonded wood wool products is Cradle to Cradle-certified at Gold level. Troldtekt first achieved certification at Gold level in 2022 and has since been re-certified at Gold level in 2023. 


New version of the standard

The Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute has launched version 4.0 of the Cradle to Cradle Certified Product Standard. During the transitional period, Troldtekt has elected to certify three of its five categories in accordance with the new, more demanding version, while the other two categories are still certified in accordance with version 3.1.


Categories with certification according to version 4.0:

  • Material Health
  • Renewable Energy and Carbon Management
  • Water & Soil Stewardship

Categories with certification according to version 3.1:

  • Material Reutilization
  • Social Fairness

The new standard sets out significantly higher requirements for all five categories. Instead of sticking to the previous version of the standard for as long as possible, Troldtekt elected to take the first big leap with three of its categories. Between now and the next re-certification in 2025, we will work to meet the many new requirements in the last two categories.

Cradle to Cradle scorecard

The table shows Troldtekt's score in connection with the Cradle to Cradle re-certification process in the autumn of 2023. Troldtekt achieved Gold-level certification in four categories and Platinum certification in the fifth category.

Download Cradle to Cradle & Material Health certificates