80 years of social responsibility

In 1936 the then director and owner Louis Hammerich founded a still active fund in order to provide financial support for employees who have been hit by misfortune.

For more than 80 years, employees who find themselves in particularly difficult circumstances have been able to receive a donation from Louis Hammerich Fond. Based on recommendations, the fund’s board decides on donations.

The fund works according to the following principles:  

  • The aim is to provide assistance to employees as well as former employees as well as their spouses/widows/widowers.

  • Donations from the fund must serve to alleviate poverty or help in cases of serious illness or old age.

  • Alternatively, the fund makes donations to help with studies, training etc.

  • The board of the foundation is the same as the Board of Directors of Troldtekt A/S.

As long ago as 1884, a young Louis Hammerich bought the company that later became Troldtekt A/S. In 1935, the production of Troldtekt acoustic panels began, and the following year Louis Hammerichs Fond was established.