Troldtekt & Labour conditions

We are continually seeking to further improve the working environment and make Troldtekt an even more attractive place to work

Troldtekt supports and looks after its employees to provide the best possible basis for high levels of job satisfaction and well-being. We have a flat organisational culture with the possibility of open dialogue between employees and management.

Safety and the working environment
Safety and health are permanent focus areas at Troldtekt, and we have launched the following initiatives, among others:

  • Free first-aid courses for employees, and defibrillators installed at various locations on the company premises.
  • All employees are covered by Troldtekt’s work and leisure accident insurance. 
  • Focus on improving dust and noise conditions, reducing the amount of heavy lifting and reducing pressures of work and time. 
  • Initiatives to retain employees who fall ill or who are worn out.

Influence and collective agreements
Creating a good working environment is not just a management responsibility. Troldtekt’s employees are therefore able to exercise considerable influence on their working lives, among other things through being represented on Troldtekt’s works council.

Troldtekt adheres to the Confederation of Danish Industry’s current collective agreement, provides free workwear, the possibility of flexible working hours as well as health insurance for all interested employees.
Staff fund and screening
Since 1936, Troldtekt’s staff fund has provided financial support for employees and former employees who have been hit by misfortune, in either their working or private lives.

Troldtekt’s sense of responsibility also extends beyond its own immediate sphere of interest. Therefore we screen our product-related suppliers through our Code of Conduct.