Cleaning, painting and repairing Troldtekt acoustic panels


Troldtekt acoustic panels have a minimum service life of 50-70 years. During this time, the panels are easy to maintain, which helps to ensure they last as long as possible. An extended service life saves resources, which makes a positive financial and environmental difference. 

Easy to clean

Dust and dirt can easily be removed from the panels using a vacuum cleaner with an ordinary brush head, a tightly-wrung cloth or by lightly sanding the panels with fine-grained sandpaper. 

Paint the panels again and again

Troldtekt acoustic panels can be painted again and again with a paint sprayer without compromising their acoustic properties. Use Troldtekt touch-up paint to cover minor scuffs on painted panels.

Minor DIY repairs

If holes/cracks appear in the acoustic panels, they are very simple to repair with commonly available materials etc. In the case of major damage – for example from moisture or soot – we recommend that you replace the affected panel rather than trying to paint it.  

Instructions for cleaning, painting and repairing Troldtekt acoustic panels
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