Installing Troldtekt acoustic panels

Troldtekt acoustic panels can be installed in several ways:

> with screws or concealed KN brackets on wood battens

> in a suspended, concealed C60 profile system

> in an exposed or concealed T profile system (no tools required)


Instructions for installing Troldtekt acoustic panels
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How to integrate an inspection hatch into a Troldtekt ceiling
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Installation with screws

Troldtekt screws have been specially developed for installing Troldtekt acoustic panels. The cross-head Phillips (PH2) screws are electroplated and lacquered in colours to match the panels.

Troldtekt structure screws blend in with the panels

The heads of the Troldtekt PH2 screws are moulded to resemble the structure of the Troldtekt acoustic panels, making them less conspicuous following installation. Structure screws are available for installation on either wood or steel.

Choose screws in right colour

We offer coloured screws for the entire range of Troldtekt acoustic panels: natural wood and natural grey as well as panels painted in both standard and custom colours.

Installation using KN brackets

Troldtekt KN brackets have also been specially developed for installing Troldtekt acoustic panels. The KN brackets allow concealed installation, resulting in a streamlined ceiling surface with no visible screws. Visible screws are only used to affix the acoustic panels along the walls.

Installation in C60 profile system

The Troldtekt C60 profile system is designed for suspended Troldtekt acoustic ceilings installed using screws or concealed KN brackets. The system consists of two types of profiles: installation profiles and main profiles.

C60 profiles can also be suspended using only installation profiles and secured with adjustable fittings (27-120 mm) or suspension brackets (from 120 mm).

Installation in T profile system

Troldtekt can be installed as a removable ceiling in exposed T24 or T35 profile systems. Suspended, removable and also concealed installation is also possible using the Troldtekt T35 profile system.

No tools are required to install Troldtekt acoustic panels in the T profile systems.

Concealed T profile systems

The concealed profile system gives you a removable ceiling where only the acoustic panels are visible – and where no screws are used for the installation.

On the long sides, the edges of the panels are machined so they can be placed in the profiles while also concealing them.

Longitudinal T profile systems

This solution results in exposed longitudinal profiles, giving the ceiling a directional feel in the room.

At the same time, it is a removable ceiling that is installed without the use of screws.