Before installation of Troldtekt®

These instructions describes how to store your Troldtekt acoustic panels before installation.

Important information about cement-bonded wood wool

Troldtekt cement-bonded wood wool consists of cement and the natural material wood. Therefore, the panels will “work” to achieve the same temperature and humidity as their surroundings – like wooden floors do, for example.

If you install damp Troldtekt panels, the panels may shrink when they dry, resulting in small shrinkage cracks. It is therefore important to follow the storage instructions carefully.

If the panels absorb moisture after installation, they will simply push up against each other. There is consequently no risk of the panels expanding so much so that they push against other parts of the building. 

Panel dimensions and weight remain within the stated tolerances at 23°C ± 2°C and 50% ± 5% relative humidity.

Therefore, you should not start installing Troldtekt until the building is completely sealed and the heating is turned on.

Check panels on receipt

On receipt, check that the number of panels is correct and that the panels do not have visible defects or
non-conformities. If the plates are defective, you must submit your claim immediately. Troldtekt does not accept claims for visible defects and deficiencies after the panels have been installed.


Ensure proper storage

We recommend that you store Troldtekt acoustic panels indoors. It is important that you remove any packaging, otherwise condensation can form under the packaging – causing the panels to become damp.

Care should be taken to protect Troldtekt panels from direct sunlight through windows and avoid drying
them asymmetrically, e.g. with an oil fan heater.

We do not recommend storing the panels outdoors, as weather conditions can affect the panels. If outdoor storage is necessary nonetheless, you should protect the panels with a tarpaulin or similar so that they are not exposed to rain or other forms of moisture. Ensure that outdoor storage is as brief as possible.


Acclimate the panels as needed

Troldtekt panels have undergone a drying process before they leave the factory in Troldhede. If you store the panels in a dry place on receipt, our experience is that you do not need to acclimatise them.

If, on the other hand, the panels have been stored at high humidity, it is a good idea to “batten” them by placing battens between the panels and allow them to acclimatise indoors for about 14 days before installation.

During acclimatisation, the panels adapt to the temperature and humidity in the room. Ensure that the room is well ventilated. 


Support panels before installation

Before installation, store your Troldtekt panels in a horizontal position with good support. For example, on pallets or battens.