Read about Troldtekt and a healthy indoor climate

Troldtekt acoustic panels contribute to good acoustics. At the same time, we work with thoroughly documented material health, which contributes to healthy air quality in buildings.

In a 2006 study, the WHO found that we are primarily exposed to air pollution when we are indoors. Children are particularly exposed, as they have a higher breathing volume, and thus breathe in larger volumes of air than adults.

At Troldtekt, we want to contribute to buildings that are healthy for their occupants to be in. One way we do this is with products that effectively ensure good acoustics. But we also emphasise the importance of continuously improving and documenting the material health of our products – to the benefit of the indoor climate.


Thorough content analysis

Troldtekt cement-bonded wood wool is made of wood and cement. As part of our Cradle to Cradle certification, our products are thoroughly analysed for their impact on people and the environment. The analysis is conducted under the auspices of EPEA, which is accredited by the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute.

In practice, our systematic work with Cradle to Cradle means that we possess detailed knowledge of all the substances contained in our products, and have documentation that they do not contain substances that are harmful to humans or the environment.

Troldtekt has achieved Cradle to Cradle’s highest level – platinum – in material health (gold in the overall certification). We advanced to platinum in 2022 following our switch to new paint recipes using a more sustainable preservative technology.


Low degassing and particle release

Troldtekt acoustic panels have been tested by Danish Indoor Climate Labelling (under the Danish Technological Institute), and indoor-climate certified in the best categories.

To qualify for the Danish indoor climate label, a product’s degassing must decline within the first 60 days of installation. Troldtekt panels meet this requirement when first measured after only 10 days. Ceiling products are also tested for the quantity of fibres and particles they release. Here too, Troldtekt panels qualify for the best category (‘low particle release’) – i.e. less than 0.75 milligrams per square metre.


Absorbs and gives off moisture

Since Troldtekt acoustic panels can both absorb and release moisture, they also help to ensure an indoor climate where the air is neither too dry nor too humid. Humidity affects the users’ experience of comfort in a room.