Lighting for Troldtekt® acoustic panels

Troldtekt Tórshavn


Troldtekt lighting comprises a series of built-in fixtures specially designed to be built into Troldtekt acoustic ceilings. The solution is architecturally simple and combines aesthetically pure lines with good light distribution. The acoustic panels come with cut-out holes for lights, making installation easy and saving time at the building site.

The Wave lighting series was designed by Cubo Arkitekter A/S and is characterised by undulating glass that offers a unique design and optimum light distribution without glare. All fixtures in the series are recessed, so that only the glass floats below the ceiling surface and the lighting is harmoniously integrated.

The longitudinal fixtures in the series form an integrated part of the suspension system (C60 or T35 profile system) for acoustic panels, and can be installed as a continuous light channel in the ceiling.

Troldtekt lighting is also available with LED light sources.

Lighting & indoor climate

Good lighting is important to a healthy indoor climate and to a proper work situation. The daylight and artificial lighting must be adjusted to the work being carried out. Good workplace lighting not only promotes the well-being of the employees, it also increases productivity. Lack of light can lead to tensions, headache, tiredness and irritation to the eyes. However, different people are affected differently by light – physically and mentally – and we all have different work procedures and different needs.

Aesthetics, light volume and the human element are three important factors which influence the planning of lighting in a workplace.

Troldtekt offers light dimensioning advice and guidance to project planners and we also offer non-binding light metering.

To achieve good lighting in a room, it is important to have appropriate general lighting that can illuminate the entire room and even out lighting differences. The volume of artificial light required depends highly on the surroundings, as dark surroundings ‘swallow’ more light than light ones.

The colour of the ceiling also influences the lighting requirements and the volume of light required by the ceiling cladding depends on the ceiling’s light reflection. A test report prepared by DELTA Light & Optics shows the light reflection for different types of Troldtekt panels:

Total reflectance P8°/diffuse

  • Troldtekt acoustic panels white 101 70.8%
  • Troldtekt acoustic panels natural wood 55.2%
  • Troldtekt acoustic panels natural grey 26.3%

To ensure optimum lighting, regular maintenance and cleaning of the lamps in the room is important.

Simple installation

Troldtekt can help you with ceiling plan measuring and lamp location. Troldtekt lighting is very easy to install in Troldtekt ceilings. Lamps and panels come with separate, detailed installation instructions for Troldtekt lighting and Troldtekt acoustic panels, respectively. All 230 V armature connections must be made by an authorised electrician.

At the building site, fitting of lighting armatures in the Troldtekt ceiling is simple and quick. The Troldtekt panels are delivered with cut-out lamp holes while the armatures are delivered with all required installation brackets, glass etc. All fitting armatures in the Troldtekt lighting series have a low fitting height – max. 54 mm!

Note: Different and detailed installation instructions are available for the longitudinal lamps, depending on whether the ceiling is installed on wooden battens or on C60 or T35 profile systems. The unique aspect is that the armature forms part of the wooden batten or profile system and the armature must therefore be installed with the rest of the suspension system.

Troldtekt simple installation