Optimum lighting as part of the acoustic ceiling

Most of us spend 80-90 per cent of our time indoors, and the way rooms are lit has a significant bearing on our ability to concentrate as well as on our well-being and health.

Good lighting in the workplace, for example, can increase both job satisfaction and productivity. A lack of light, on the other hand, can lead to tension, headaches, fatigue and tired eyes.


Integrated ceiling and lighting solution

Choosing Troldtekt acoustic ceilings allows you to integrate lighting into the actual ceiling surface. This makes it possible to create an architecturally simple solution, combining aesthetically clean lines with optimum lighting output.  

Several lighting manufacturers offer built-in fixtures that can be recessed in Troldtekt acoustic ceiling panels so that the glass shade barely protrudes beneath the ceiling surface, and the ceiling and lighting appear as one. Typical solutions include transverse, longitudinal or round lamps as well as spots.

The Troldtekt acoustic panels can be cut precisely on site so that the holes fit the lamps. For large project solutions, however, the acoustic panels can be supplied by Troldtekt with correctly dimensioned pre-cut lamp holes.

When planning room lighting

Aesthetics, light intensity and the human element are three important factors when planning lighting in the workplace. In the case of larger projects, it is important to seek advice and guidance on dimensioning light.

To create a well-lit room, it is usually important to have an appropriate level of ambient lighting that can illuminate the entire space and even out any lighting differences. The intensity of artificial light required depends to a great extent on the surroundings, as a dark room will ‘swallow’ more light than a light one.

Ceiling colour makes a difference

Consequently, the ceiling colour also has a bearing on the lighting requirements, which will depend on the light reflectance of the ceiling. A test report by DELTA Light & Optics shows the light reflectance values for different types of Troldtekt acoustic panels:

Colour of Troldtekt acoustic panel

Total reflectance P8°/diffuse

Troldtekt acoustic panels, white 101


Troldtekt acoustic panels, natural wood


Troldtekt acoustic panels, natural grey


To ensure optimum lighting, it is important that the lamps in the room are regularly maintained and cleaned.

Please note that Troldtekt does not supply lighting solutions. The following company has experience at integrating elegant lighting into Troldtekt acoustic ceilings:

iGuzzini illuminazione

Examples: Troldtekt ceilings with integrated lighting