Troldtekt® line design

The design solution Troldtekt® line design is acoustic panels with milled grooves

Troldtekt line design has milled grooves in the surface and overlapping edges on all sides.

When you join the panels, the result is continuous grooves with a seamless look and invisible joints. You perceive the surface pattern as a whole, and it is difficult to detect where the panels meet.

The solution is available in four variants, which can be freely combined. You can choose to have equal or varying intervals between the grooves, determining the rhythm of the resulting look.

Architects show the way

Randers Arkitekten has transformed the building in which the firm is based from a dedicated commercial property into a mix of offices and exclusive residential units. The project has been strongly focused on creating green and sustainable solutions, resulting in the company’s premises being classified as the first Active House architectural office in Denmark.

To create aesthetically and acoustically balance, Randers Arkitekten have decided to clad the walls with Troldtekt line design acoustic panels that convey warmth and a modern look combined with sound-absorbing properties.

Acoustic ceilings from Troldtekt in offices and commercial properties

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Troldtekt® design

In this brochure you will find inspiration, and facts about the Troldtekt design solutions. There are nine alternatives, but countless ways to combine them, so your projects can have a unique expression. See how some of the solutions are used in practice, and read an interview with the architect behind the nine designs.