Acoustic panels for ceilings and walls

Troldtekt® acoustic panels

Troldtekt acoustic ceiling and wall panels are made from certified wood, a 100% natural material, and cement extracted from Danish mineral resources.

The combination of wood and cement creates Troldtekt's unique sound absorbing properties, ensuring good acoustics in any room. The material has a natural resilience and can handle moist environments, while also providing effective fire protection.

Troldtekt is a natural product with documented sustainability throughout its entire life cycle.

Troldtekt Krik
Troldtekt Krik

Classic one-layer acoustic panel

Troldtekt is our classic acoustic panel, used in most types of buildings.

In terms of reaction to fire, Troldtekt acoustic panels have been tested in accordance with BS 476 and are “Class O” as designated in the British Building Regulations and have a Class 1 Spread of Flame classification.

Troldtekt acoustic panels can be installed directly onto wooden battens or in a suspended profile system. However, they are most often installed with underlying mineral wool in order to ensure the best sound absorption (up to αw = 1,0!).

Troldtekt is available in the following dimensions:



Product configurator

Troldtekt is available in a high number of combinations that vary according to surface structure, edge, installation system, colour, dimension and thickness. Our solutions also give you the opportunity to integrate and conceal for example speakers in the Troldtekt ceiling.

The Troldtekt product configurator provides a quick overview of all available Troldtekt products.

By simply clicking your way through the options you specify your desired product. You are also provided with AutoCad drawings and an installation instruction for the specific product, ready to download.

Troldtekt technical data sheet

Declaration of performance

No. 01 Troldtekt® and Troldtekt® agro panels

Installation instructions

Installation instructions for Troldtekt® acoustic panels K0, K5, K11 and K0-U, installed with screws

Installation instructions for Troldtekt® acoustic panels K5-F and K5-FU, installed with screws

Installation instructions for Troldtekt® acoustic panels, installed with concealed KN brackets

Installation instructions for Troldtekt® acoustic panels, installed on walls with concealed KN brackets

Ceilings with Troldtekt acoustic panels in private homes


  • How many screws should I use per Troldtekt acoustic panel?
  • Can I install Troldtekt acoustic panels outdoors and in wet rooms?

These are some of the questions, that are often put to our technical department.