Use & maintenance of Troldtekt acoustic panels

Use and maintenance

When the Troldtekt ceiling has been installed, it may be necessary to vacuum-clean the panels to remove any processing dust. The panels are easy to clean using a vacuum-cleaner with a brush nozzle.

If the installation process has left lines or other dirt on natural wood panels, you can remove these using a slightly damp cloth or by sanding lightly using fine-grained sandpaper.

Touch-up paint for the painted panels is available as required. 

Troldtekt panels usually require no subsequent care. However, we recommend regular cleaning along with other surfaces – and otherwise as required.

Light cleaning of the panels is easy using a vacuum cleaner with a brush nozzle. If vacuum-cleaning is not sufficient, you can wipe the panels using a slightly damp cloth.

If you subsequently want to paint the Troldtekt ceiling, you can use a long-haired paint roller or a hand sprayer. Water-based paint will not reduce the sound-absorbing properties of the panels.

Troldtekt panels have a life of at least 75 years and are a rugged, durable material, even when subjected to moisture or ball impacts.

The cement gives the acoustic panels their stable shape and moisture tolerance, while the wood ensures they are easy to Work with and suitable for screw mounting.

Use and maintenance

Instructions for use and maintenance after installation of Troldtekt