Profile systems for Troldtekt® acoustic panels

C60 profile system

The Troldtekt C60 profile system is applied for suspended Troldtekt acoustic ceilings, installed using screws or concealed KN brackets.

The profile system comprises a layer of installation profiles, supported by a layer of main profiles. C60 profiles can also be applied without main profiles, either using adjustable suspension brackets (from 27 mm) or quick-fit suspension brackets (27 - 120 mm).

C60 profile system

C60 profile system with adjustable suspension brackets

C60 profile system with hangers

T profile systems

For removable suspended ceilings, Troldtekt panels can be installed in visible T24 or T35 profile systems. Suspended, removable and concealed installation is also possible using the Troldtekt T35 profile system.

Troldtekt panels can be installed in the T profile systems without tools.

Exposed T35 profile system

Concealed T35 profile system

T24 profile system