customer solutions

Integrated lighting or special dimensions. You can work with Troldtekt’s standard range of acoustic panels to create your very own finishes etc

Troldtekt cement-bonded wood wool is a flexible material, and it is possible to work the panels and give them a completely different look. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Please note, however, that you are usually responsible for ensuring that your project-specific changes to Troldtekt’s acoustic panels comply with applicable standards and fire regulations.

Lighting as part of the acoustic ceiling

Choosing Troldtekt acoustic ceilings allows you to integrate lighting into the actual ceiling surface. This makes it possible to create an architecturally simple solution, combining aesthetically clean lines with an optimum lighting effect.

Several lighting manufacturers offer built-in fixtures that can be recessed in Troldtekt acoustic ceiling panels so that the glass shade barely protrudes beneath the ceiling surface, and the ceiling and lighting appear as one. Typical solutions include transverse, longitudinal or round lamps as well as spots.

The Troldtekt acoustic panels can be cut precisely on site so that the holes fit the lamps. For large projects, the acoustic panels can be supplied by agreement with Troldtekt directly from the factory with correctly dimensioned pre-cut lamp holes.

Speakers above the acoustic ceiling

Troldtekt acoustic panels ensure good acoustics. This means that music etc. from loudspeakers is also reproduced clearly and comprehensibly without any disturbing reverberation. If you conceal the speakers above your acoustic ceiling, you can achieve the best possible audio experience.

If you want to conceal a sound system above your Troldtekt ceiling, you need a suspended acoustic ceiling with space above it to accommodate flat speaker panels. In this way, you will not see the speakers, but you will be able to clearly hear the audio. The flat speaker panel also makes it possible to ensure that the audio signal is well distributed in the room.

Decoration of acoustic ceilings and walls

You can choose to paint your Troldtekt acoustic panels with graphics, logos, special patterns or other motifs. In this way, ceilings, walls or framed wall panels can be custom-decorated while ensuring good acoustics.

Wooden strips on ceilings and walls

Wooden strips fitted to Troldtekt acoustic panels can help to add a warm and exclusive look – while still ensuring good acoustics. It is possible to fit wooden strips onto the underside of the acoustic panels without compromising the acoustic properties of the panels.

... and the possibilities are endless

Troldtekt is suitable for screw-mounting, and is also easy to machine and saw. This ensures considerable flexibility when you want to create a special look by customising a standard acoustic solution.