Troldtekt® v-line 2way

Troldtekt v-line 2way gives you a ceiling surface with longitudinal grooves supplemented with transverse grooves where the panel ends meet. The solution adds a characterful pattern to the interior design – for example in private homes and offices.

On v-line 2way panels, half grooves are cut into all four edges of each panel so that extra grooves are created when two panels are installed side by side. It creates a contiguous surface with a pattern which stands out – especially when white or natural-coloured panels are chosen.

Troldtekt v-line is based on the classic 25 mm Troldtekt panels unlike the other Troldtekt design solutions, which are 35 mm thick. The v-shaped grooves results in a more discreet look than the more distinctive Troldtekt line and Troldtekt line design panels, which have deeper grooves.

The thinner dimensions also mean that Troldtekt v-line is just as light as the classic Troldtekt panel, and can be produced at very competitive prices.

Solutions for rooms of all sizes

Troldtekt v-line 2way is available with either 6 or 10 grooves. In both variants, the individual grooves are evenly spaced.

In rooms with a relatively low ceiling height in particular, the 10-groove panels help to create a distinctive look, while the 6-groove variant stands out more in larger rooms with higher ceilings.

Precision and flexibility

If greater flexibility is needed when installing Troldtekt v-line 2way panels, they can be combined with the panel type Troldtekt v-line 2way blank.

The v-line blank panel has exactly the same dimensions and edge design, but without any v-shaped grooves on the actual panel surface. This guarantees a more precise finish when installing, for example, skylights, spots, an extractor fan etc. in a ceiling.

A row of Troldtekt v-line blank panels can also ensure a nice clean finish along the walls in slightly asymmetrical or otherwise irregular rooms. 

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