Nursery School in Baldingen

Children, parents and staff alike were all delighted at the conclusion of the building work at “Naseweis” child care centre. After only six months of building work both the new rooms and the renovated ones are fully available for use in the child care centre in Baldingen.

Troldtekt, Baldingen Nursery
Photo: Olaf Wiechers & Tommy Kosior

With the total number of nursery places now at 79, the Bavarian district town of Nördlingen has sufficient capacity in the growing Baldingen district. A new nursery offering 15 places and all the necessary rooms were built. Moreover, it was decided that the centre, offering all three types of pre-school care, would be expanded to include a multi-purpose room, a staff room and additional toilet facilities for the children.

As part of the expansion, the ceilings and floors were renovated and the building's exterior was redesigned and expanded. The architect Stefan Heppner from Nördlingen, the Town Planning and Building Office and the lord mayor are especially pleased that almost three quarters of the building work could be awarded to local companies.

Access to the building is via the main entrance on the quiet residential street. The clear aesthetic style of the single-storey building construction with its simple façade design comprising beaming white, plastered support structures and timber-plank wall panels meshes harmoniously with the existing building complex. The floor-to-ceiling windows at the rear of the building guarantee even the smallest children a view of the adjoining fields and meadows.

The architect’s chief objective when selecting the materials for the interior was to create a connection between the existing rooms and the new ones, whilst also complying with the strict requirements for the construction of child care centres. To make this possible, the ceilings and floors of the recreation rooms were furnished using Troldtekt acoustic panels. Whilst their structured, porous surface ensures optimum acoustics and low reverberation times as is required in child day care centres, furthermore, the moisture-regulating qualities of the panels serve to improve the climate in the rooms.

Now that the all the necessary work has been done, the children and the staff in the child care centre have bright, spacious rooms at their disposal which are tailored precisely to the needs of the children.