Childcare institution on an adapted scale

In the new neighbourhood of Bendixminde near Odder, the DGNB-certified childcare institution Børnehuset Bendixminde, also known as "Smilet" ('The Smile') is centrally located by the retention pond and stands apart from the surrounding multi-storey dwellings through its juxtaposition of several small units with pitched roofs.

The tallest of the small units constitutes the “educational heart” of Børnehuset Bendixminde, which is the space that brings the institution's other units together and serves as a communal area for children of both nursery and kindergarten age. This is where people gather and meet during off-hours, and also where the children can help with serving food. The room has a sloped ceiling and skylights that add a lovely atmosphere to the room. The bright and friendly ambience is emphasised by acoustic regulation through wooden strips on the inner gable and Troldtekt in the ceiling. The adjacent activity and motor skills room, which can be integrated into the communal area via double doors, also has a sloped ceiling with skylights. There is also room for a loft in the tall space. The use of Troldtekt throughout all the rooms to regulate acoustics ties them together. Preschool children reside in the houses facing the large playground, while the youngest children live at the other end of the institution.


Childcare institution in a new neighbourhood

The institution is designed in a simple and straightforward architectural style that, through a combination of black and heat-treated wood cladding, glass sections and dark roof surfaces, forms a subdued and harmonious building enclave. At the same time, it creates a beautiful contrast to the green vegetation that will spring up around the new building over time.. Wood is one of the most sustainable building materials we have, and its use not only contributes to the building's overall carbon footprint, but also to the expressive and 'smaller' sense of scale in general.

Facing the group rooms, the facades are designed with diverse window sections that reflect indoor usage and with fixed, external solar shading in the form of overhangs and trellises that provide an elegant contrast between light and shade. This provides the facility with a vibrant, varied and contemporary expression at “children's height”. The childcare institution is centrally located in the new neighbourhood of Bendixminde, which is beautifully situated in an area of forests, streams and hills. The area's design is planned with sustainable and climate-friendly initiatives, with a strong focus on biodiversity.