Children’s rooms en suite

Børnehuset Egedammen has been designed as an inviting environment for children characterised by a great deal of spatial variation. The result is an exciting childcare institution.

Troldtekt acoustic ceilings are the natural choice when wanting to ensure superior acoustics and a healthy indoor climate in childcare institutions

Buildings for pre-school children are usually tightly structured into group rooms, corridors and secondary rooms. At Egedammen, the rooms are beautifully linked together, and with more or less pronounced shifts in width, height, lighting, colour, acoustics and materials. A number of smaller spaces in the form of recessed window niches have been created within the larger rooms. Larger communal rooms are situated in the building’s main wing, where the ventilation system is located in the roof space to free up space at ground level.

This solution also provides extra ceiling height for the cloakrooms and the communal room, as the ventilation does not occupy the entire roof space. In most rooms, Troldtekt line has been installed on the ceilings, ensuring good acoustics in both the double-height rooms and the group rooms with normal-height ceilings. Troldtekt has been approved for use in Nordic Swan Ecolabelled buildings such as Egedammen.


Sustainable through and through

The Municipality of Gladsaxe has a policy that newly built childcare institutions must live up to the requirements of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel which, among other things, requires that they have a low energy consumption and a healthy indoor climate. Furthermore, they are required to use sustainably certified wood in their construction and promote resource efficiency. BBP arkitekter has fully met these requirements, helped by the fact that the architectural practice always works to minimise the carbon impact of its projects.

The buildings are made of cross-laminated timber elements with recycled brick facades combined with new bricks in high-load areas. The use of cement-free lime mortar means that less CO2 (cement) has been used, and the bricks can be separated after use. Moreover, wood has been used on the interior walls in different pastel colours, which results in sturdy surfaces. Architecturally, the institution is reminiscent of a farm, and is helping to revitalise the local area, rather like a jigsaw puzzle piece you didn’t know was missing.


Facts: Troldtekt is registered in the Nordic Swan Ecolabel database of materials for use in Nordic Swan Ecolabelled construction.