Geometric shapes create a sense of unity

A compact and geometric building was the answer to the challenges of a small plot and a desire to save energy. It was also the springboard for the building’s clear identity and varied sequence of rooms.

Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen, architect

Situated in an older residential neighbourhood, the children’s daycare institution Drivhuset (The Hothouse) is designed to match the scale of neighbouring properties with its folded roofs and brick façade. A wide corridor leading off the communal room and running the entire length of the building serves as a backbone and point of reference, both for the nursery rooms on the ground floor and the kindergarten rooms upstairs.

The numerous windows in the communal room ensure a strong sense of connection to the playground outdoors, and the space is illuminated from above via skylights, creating a pleasant indoor atmosphere. The common room is two storeys high, and links to many of the adjoining rooms. Careful attention has therefore been paid to the acoustics, with Troldtekt ceiling panels and wood strips on selected walls.

Margrete Grøn, an architect at Henning Larsen Architects, says that the building’s special geometry with its slanting roof and the varied rooms should be seen as a whole. Using Troldtekt on all the ceilings reinforces the building’s geometry and identity.

In addition, Margrete Grøn mentions the advantage of not needing a suspended ceiling for Troldtekt, avoiding any loss of ceiling height. The acoustics are extremely good, both in the high-ceilinged communal room and in the smaller rooms, which contributes greatly to everybody’s well-being and the institution’s homely feel.