Decorative and visually striking ceiling

When deigning the new childcare institution in Risskov near Aarhus, the architects Johansen & Rasmussen decided to explore new avenues and try a different ceiling design.

Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen, architect

The integrated childcare institution on Frijsenborgvej was designed around an existing gymnastics hall, which became an activity room for the children. Two new wings have now created space for a total of eight group rooms. The surrounding playground always feels close, as the buildings have several covered niches, while the two wings enclose a larger outdoor space.

The institution has been constructed using yellow brick, which is typical of buildings in the neighbourhood. The Aarhus-based architects Johansen & Rasmussen have extensive experience from designing institutional buildings, and the combined nursery and kindergarten features a number of ingenious solutions that are carefully tailored to the needs of children.


Inspired by the building’s multi-directional design, the architects chose a Troldtekt design ceiling for some of the rooms. Using Troldtekt tilt line creates visual effects on both a small and large scale. The eye follows the uninterrupted grooves marking the joints between the panels, while only some of the angled grooves continue from one row of panels to the next, adding a slightly random element. The experience of the ceiling also varies considerably depending on the angle of the light flooding in through the windows.

Troldtekt tilt line has been used in the cloakrooms and in the intervening spaces along the corridors. On the other ceilings, white Troldtekt acoustic panels in an ultrafine structure provide an air of calm while contrasting with the livelier tilt line finish.