Harmony in Hulahoppen

Two institutions in Vojens have now been brought under one roof in a three-winged building which provides optimum spatial relationships both inside and out.

Troldtekt, Hulahoppen
Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen, architect

The daycare institution Hulahoppen (The Hula Hoop) in Vojens in southern Jutland accommodates 120 children, yet there is a surprisingly peaceful atmosphere in the building. In merging the institutions, there was a desire to structure the building with one wing for kindergarten children, one for nursery-aged children and a third for a communal room and kitchen and personnel facilities. The communal area has thus been shifted from its traditional placement in the centre of the building, and therefore does not disturb the other rooms.

The communal room is spacious with extra ceiling height and large, round skylights that add character, whatever the time of year. The Troldtekt acoustic panels on all the ceilings also help to maintain peace and calm throughout the institution by ensuring good acoustics, both in the high-ceilinged communal area and in the smaller rooms.

The ceilings and the roof act as unifying elements for the building’s organic form, and give Hulahoppen a strong sense of identity. At the same time, the roof surface adds architectural variation. The roof overhang increases in width from the entrance area and out towards the gables, providing shade and shelter around the large playground while dispensing with the need for curtains or blinds indoors. The dynamics of the overhang also mirror the building interior and the way it extends from a communal centre and out to the wings.

Pluskontoret has also sought to make the most of the natural light in the institution. The corridor zones acquire their own life with low windows overlooking the playground, while the activity rooms around the heart of the building have indoor glass sections to ensure a light and open feel without the spread of sound. In addition to Hulahoppen, Pluskontoret has designed two other institutions for the Municipality of Haderslev, where collaboration and sustainability have also been shared focus areas.