Humlebien kindergarten is sustainable

The newly built kindergarten in Svenstrup south of Aalborg has been designed with an eye to supporting healthy daily life for children and staff. This is reflected in the architecture, and the building is gold-certified under the DGNB system, the global benchmark for sustainability.

Troldtekt acoustic panels on ceilings in childcare institution
Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen, architect

There are a total of four classrooms, situated in pairs at the end of the building’s two wings. This provides the classrooms with optimum daylight and a view of the surroundings. In the middle of the building is the common room, which is attached to the ‘educational kitchen’. It is a flexible area that connects the wings and creates versatility in the functions of the rooms. The common room has been extended into the hallways, where small niches have been designed for the children’s use.

Architecturally, the Humlebien kindergarten is characterised by a high degree of overview and transparency – especially between outside and inside. The design of the building has been scaled to accommodate children, and therefore features many windows at child height.

Healthy materials

Arkitektfirmaet Hovaldt has designed a kindergarten with emphasis on values of inclusion, health and learning in the interior design and the building concept. This is incorporated into many parts of the building, not least in the choice of materials.

The ceilings are covered with white Troldtekt acoustic panels fitted with exposed T-profiles, which were selected for good acoustics and excellent indoor climate in the kindergarten. The uniform ceilings create a cohesive look between all the rooms in the building, where the linoleum floors feature different colours indicating where outdoor footwear can be worn.

In the transition zone between the playground and the common room, a large overhang ensures shelter and shade for the children. It also features Troldtekt acoustic panels whereby the indoor and outdoor space are seamlessly linked. Other outdoor materials are primarily wood and tile.